The Thrill of Betting the Horses on Holiday

For those seeking some excitement while on vacation, the Lake District is home to several horse racing venues. The tracks and courses of the region attract top jockeys and their races have importance to the national racing scene.

The Thrill of Winning on Vacation

Betting on the horses is always fun and if done well can pay for an entire trip. In fact, gambling while on holiday can add to the thrill of being somewhere new. Whether a visitor is betting an exact amount at the track, feeding coins into a machine at the local pub, or winning big on a mobile site like gambling can bring an air of excitement to any vacation. It is no wonder the race tracks in the Lake District are packed with visitors the entire season.

The Cartmel Racecourse

The most popular horse racing venue in the area is the Cartmel Racecourse. The track is small and nestled in a picturesque village in the center of the Lake District. Once a locally owned course for the residents of the area, Cartmel is now renowned for its steeplechase features and race day events. Seven times each year, visitors from around the country come to watch the races and explore the northern countryside. In fact, one day of each racing event is scheduled off so the tourists can enjoy other activities such as the ocean or numerous nearby lakes and mountains.

Cartmel has become a destination for other forms of entertainment in addition to horse racing. The grounds play host to musical events and concerts, local fairs and large industry shows making the versatile grandstand a centerpiece for all types of entertainment. With the success of the track, Cartmel has made the Lake District a popular tourist destination for more than just the hikers and cyclists who come for the fresh air and mountain trails.