Alternative Sports in the Lake District

The perfect climate and rugged natural terrain of the Lake District has attracted outdoor and fitness enthusiasts for many years. Recently a new type of visitor has found the Lake District, the trail and obstacle runner.

Obstacle Racing is a Test of Will and Endurance

Obstacle runners test their abilities on courses designed to be challenging for even the most fit competitor. Running, crawling, climbing, and moving objects are just a few of the requirements for completing a course. Often, mud and water hazards are added to increase the difficulty of completion. Despite how hard the challenge becomes, thousands of racers show up on the day of events eager to measure themselves against the worst the course designer could imagine.

The Lake District Total Warrior Challenge

The largest obstacle race in the Lake District is the Total Warrior Challenge. Held annually, this competition attracts racers from all over the world. The ten-mile course is filled with hills, valleys and off road running as well as more than fifty obstacles created by the host of the race. For those seeking less of a challenge a ten-kilometer course is also offered.

Lakeland Trails Offers More Miles with Less Obstacles

Trail running is very similar to obstacle racing but it lacks the obstacles and the distances are usually far longer. In fact, full marathons are run on the paths of the Lake District each year in all weather conditions. The area is a favorite of trail runners due to its varied terrain and beautiful scenery. Trail running can be enjoyed for any distance, from 5 kilometers to 500.

These are just two of the ways visitors are enjoying the wide-open spaces of the Lake District. Whether obstacle racing or trail running these modern athletes have found a way to combine physical fitness and athletic competition with experiencing nature.