Six Adventures in the Lake District National Park

The Lake District National Park is England’s largest and most visited park. Although most come for the unspoiled beauty of the land, the park offers a variety of adventures for the bold and curious. Here are six adventures to be had in the Lake District.

  • Treetop Trek. An exciting playground in the forest, Treetop Trek offers thirty-five activities for its visitors. The activities consist of ziplines, sky bridges, and rolling logs. Navigating the attraction requires balance, skill, and bravery especially when confronting the largest challenge, a 3500-meter triple zipline.
  • Treetop Nets. For fun the whole family can enjoy Treetop Nets offers an experience more than 9 meters off the ground. Suspended high in the trees this attraction offers a labyrinth of walkways, trampolines, climbing walls, and swings made entirely out of netting. No experience is required and children as young as three years old are allowed entry.
  • Day Tours. Instead of driving yourself around for the day the Lake District offers several options for tours. A visitor can tour one of the many lakes by steamship, climb a mountain by bus, or see the countryside by rail.
  • Coast Aquarium. Concentrating on the display of sealife found in the Irish Sea, the Lake District Coast Aquarium is both fun and educational. More than 70 aquariums are available for viewing as well as a ray pool and other ocean exhibits.
  • Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. The region boasts a small but well-stocked zoo, the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. Zoo visitors will experience a full range of wildlife, and a butterfly hall is open seasonally to view thousands of insects on their annual migration.
  • Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre. The Lake District is known for its high peaks and rugged coast, a perfect hunting ground for raptors and other birds of prey. The Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre is home to a large collection of eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons on display for visitors to learn about and see in action.

Each of these adventures takes advantage of the natural beauty found in the Lake District making a visit to the park fun and educational.