The World of Beatrix Potter in the Lake District

Many people read the work of Beatrix Potter as children. Her stories about the adventures of Peter Rabbit are some of the most popular examples of children’s literature still today. In the Lake District, it is possible to visit an attraction devoted to this fictional world. The World of Beatrix Potter at Bownes-on-Windermere is worth visiting for readers of all ages while on vacation in Northeast England.

Beatrix Potter Drew Inspiration from the Lake District

Much of Beatrix Potter’s literature is about nature. She describes fertile gardens and unspoiled forests. The inspiration for this landscape came from her residence in the Lake District. The World of Beatrix Potter has captured the raw beauty of the area and displays it in a way that a visitor can understand why the author was moved to write.

The Peter Rabbit Garden

No visit to this attraction would be complete without a walk through a representation of the garden so predominantly featured in the book series. Fans of the author can stroll the paths and look for glimpses of Peter Rabbit. Many will recognize authentic additions such as the scarecrow and the gate, taken directly from scenes in the stories. Peter Rabbit himself is a fixture along in the garden and the interactive design of the exhibit allows for guests to be immersed in his world.

Tea and Theater at the World of Beatrix Potter

After touring the garden, visitors can take lunch or tea in the adjoining restaurant facilities, completing a day of adventure and entertainment. Or, buy tickets to the Peter Rabbit Theater and view a production of a musical adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s famous stories. Everything a fan could want is contained in one place.

A Unique Experience for Fans of Peter Rabbit

It is not often a fan of a fictional character and the world he inhabits can see, touch, and feel the book come to life. The World of Beatrix Potter allows this to happen. Every detail from the series is represented, including the many friends of the main character.